2016 in Review

December 26, 2016

This year has been the one where "you just realize stuff...", as said by the renowned Kylie Jenner. This quote grew true as my year grew older. Through out 2016, I have learned more (or realized more) about myself than I have in the past years of my life. I have made countable mistakes during these twelve months, but I have learned and grew from these mistakes and I am bettering myself.

During this year, I have had some life changing relationships. Romantic and platonic. I have learned more about myself and what I do and do not want in those types of relationships, through these few interactions I did have during the 2016 year. I want to share what I have learned from these relationships with you. I hope y'all can take something away from this. 
I had my longest romantic relationship (so far) at the beginning of the year. I was so caught up in this person. We were inseparable. We would talk everyday on the phone; and if we weren't talking on the phone, we were together. This person became my world. I could not see or hear anything other than this person. During this relationship, I lost sight of myself. I lost who I was as an individual. When that relationship ended, I thought my life was over. I didn't know who I was anymore. The relationship as a whole was one of the most amazingly wonderful relationships I think anyone could think of; but losing my identity was one of the most unimpressive things anyone could do, not only in relationships but in the other aspects of life. Do not lose yourself in a relationship. Always have a sense of independence wether you are single or have a partner. Independence is one of the most valuable aspects of one's personality; cherish it.
I had another relationship later this past year that ended fairly recently. It was short but still one that changed me for the better. This relationship was very fast pace and ended even faster. At the beginning, it was amazing and wonderful (as all relationships are). But after a few weeks, things seemed to change. The person and I had nothing in common. We were planning on going to different  colleges and go down completely different paths in life. On top of the ache of having to think of going two different ways when college comes around, there was so much unnecessary drama. Drama that I did not want to take part in, so I backed off. After all of the mess, the individual that I was in the relationship with started to treat me badly. They would play mind games with me and make me think I was crazy for stupid things. Even though I knew this was wrong, and not the way a person was supposed to treat another person, I stayed. I think I stayed for so long because I didn't want to be alone. I wanted to see the good in this person that I gave my heart to. This relationship was toxic to my life. It was so toxic that it brought me to a dark place that I have never been to before. It scared me, the thoughts I was thinking. I talked to a couple of my friends about it and I agreed with them in the end--it wasn't worth it. I ended the toxic relationship.
Since that relationship ended, I had a weight lifted off my shoulders. I feel free and happy. The lesson that I took away from this relationship was to never move too fast. Take your time getting to know someone. And never, under any circumstances, let anyone disrespect you. This relationship taught me that no matter how bad I want to have a connection with someone, it is not worth it if the individual has no respect for me or my feelings.
These few relationships have made me better myself. I feel stronger and more comfortable with being a strong, independent woman. The lessons that I have learned and would like you to take away from this is, never let anymore take you for granted. Know your self-worth. And always be an individual first. Individuals can get caught up in the excitement of a new relationship, both romantic and platonic, but it is up to that individual to be true to themselves first and never forget who they are as a independent person.
This year has been such a learning curve for me. I want to keep bettering myself as the start of 2017 year comes around the corner. I will keep making mistakes, as everyone will, but I will learn and better myself so I will not make those mistake again.
So, here is to 2017, (raises champagne glass), may we all grow as individuals and always stay classy and a little bit sassy.
All the love xxx Sarah

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