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January 07, 2017

Feminism. This word is misused fairly frequently. When people see/hear the word feminism/feminist, they think of a female who walks around with out a shirt or bra on, doesn't shave her body hair, and speaks unfavorably about the male species. I mean, some women do walk around without a shirt or bra and some like their bodies to be more furry than others, but "feminist" do not talk down upon males. 

By definition, feminism means: "the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes" (Merriam-Webster). Feminist can be either sex, male or female. A feminist, simply, is anyone who believes that anybody, no matter their sex, deserves to be treated equally. 
Feminism has changed society recently. The past few years, feminism has received more interest and viewing from today's society, mainly my generation (generation Z) are the ones who are taking action for or against this cause. 
I personally, am for this cause. Most people who are close to me know that I am a feminist and I have strong motivation for equal rights for both sexes. I do everything I can to help this cause because I think morally, males and females should be treated as equals. I do not go out to or approve of the riots or topless parades around New York city but I do have a lot of respect for the woman (or men) who have the courage to stand up for equal rights and say that being treated lesser than you are just because you are a female is wrong. 
I was raised with the saying, 'no one is better than you, and you are no better than anyone else'. I have grown and matured with this quote and that is why I believe male and females should be on equal grounds, wether that be for career or personal relationships. For example, woman and men should have the same chance at getting the CEO position at a corporation. Males should not get the position simply because he is a male. Women have proven they are just as capable as a man to run a business and manage a corporation. 
A good role model, that I look up to is, Emma Watson because she is such a great advocate for women in my generation and how they should be; and standing up for our rights and that we don't have to put ourselves in one box, we can do a whole heap of different things. We can do whatever we want. 
Some of you will not agree with me or my opinions on this very political and sensitive topic; and that is okay. Everyone has a right to their own opinions on everything; but everyone should also have respect for other people's opinions, even when they are opposite of your own.  

All the Love xxx Sarah

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