March 11, 2017

Everyone goes through the ache of heartbreak at least once in their lives.

Heartbreak is just a part of life, one of the most difficult parts, but still, everyone has to go through it.

You can go through heartbreak at any age, and it could be about anything. You could have that ache when you break up with a partner, parent, or even when your favorite show gets canceled. No one has wrote down the rules of heartbreak. No one said you aren't allowed to be heartbroken about this or that, it is personal and different for everyone.

It is different for everyone on how you handle it. You go through phases and everyone reacts differently. Personally, I will cry in sadness, then in anger, then in frustration and confusion, and then I'll go numb. I will try to think that it didn't happen but in the back of my mind I know it did.

After a few days, weeks, or sometimes even months, I will move on. I will finally acknowledge that it did happen, there is nothing I can do about it anymore, and I will move on. It is part of life and it wasn't meant to be.

During this time, you have to focus on what makes you happy, (something other than that person or thing). You have to find your individuality again--your voice per-say. You need to remember how you were before that person or thing came into your life. You need to remember that you were fine before them, and you will be fine after. It is not the end of the world because everyone has a future. You will meet someone one day that will make you see why it didn't work out with anyone else.

I know that is a cliche saying but, it's true.

You need to remember to put yourself first and to grow as a person through the difficult ache. You need to remember that it is not forever and that you will find that special someone/thing one day.

You just have to be patient.

I personally am still in the middle of the ache. Probably in stage 4 or 5, (confusion and numbness), right about now. But I know it will be okay.

Because, "there is always a future..."

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