The End.

May 12, 2017

This is the end of my high school career. I am graduating and moving on to something greater. This is a very scary step and I'm not completely sure that I am ready for this-- but it's coming whether I like it or not.

High school has been full of ups and downs--friendships, grades, classes, relationships, family, etc. And looking back at all of downs that I had to get through during these past four years, the ups make up for them.

Now all of us, seniors, are graduating and going off to a place full of bigger and better opportunities-- college.

We have been stressed about choosing what college to go to for the past two years-- but now, is when we finally put on our big girl/boy pants and take the first step through those doors (no matter how terrifying it is). The stress of the last two years has all led up to this very moment.

This time in our lives is a very happy and a very sad moment.

Reasons for happiness:

  • new opportunities
  • meet new people 
  • growing as an individual 
  • learning to be more independent 
  • learning new things
Reasons for sadness:
  • growing up 
  • leaving the nest
  • leaving your comfort zone
  • new place
  • new people
  • new obstacles
The only thing that I can't put into one specific category is--graduation.

Graduation is the thing that most of us have been looking forward to for the past four years, but now that it has finally come--it is scary and sad..and happy. (Why does graduation have to have soooo many feelings involved??)
When I think of graduation, I think about me (being the clumsy person I am), tripping and falling on stage, in front of the whole graduating class and their family/friends. God, please don't let this happen!
Graduation is the last time that most of us will be seeing each other--or even being in the same state. We are all leaving to become bigger and better people and change the world in some way. Thinking about this saddens me.
I have made so many great friends and met some amazing people in the past four years--I don't want to lose those relationships.

Through out high school I have made so many amazing memories, (and if you look on instagram you will see all of the ones that made me happy). But those times are just that--memories. We have to move on to college and adulthood with nothing but those memories of our friends and crazy friday nights at the football field. We have to move on from all of the unnecessary high school drama--and be happy about it.

But writing this post and looking back at these years, I, for one, am kind of excited to move on from all of the drama, teen angst, and fear- filled hallways of high school.

Are you?

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